Meet the Creator - Louise Jones 

Welcome to Food For Thought Cookery School by Louise Jones

Shall we start with the question ‘who loves chocolate?’ then follow it with, but who feels guilty for eating it or having treats? Or thinks how long will that take me to work off at the gym? Or who feels lacking in energy, bloated, awful after eating such ‘treats’.  Sadly we place so much emphasis on ‘treating’ ourselves if we’ve had a bad day or we deserve it, but actually it isn’t making us feel better long term. So I’ve created my own healthy chocolate and sweet treats which actually make you feel good, boost your energy, could help you lose weight, yes I said lose weight and build your immune system.


Food for Thought Cookery School gives you the opportunity to make treats like natural chocolate hobnobs, salted caramel chocolates and banoffee pie. If sweet isn't your thing there's sweet potato falafels and sundried tomato hummus in the healthy lunches class.  I love teaching and sharing my passion for healthy food and would love to share that with you.

My motto is 'its got to taste naughty but be nourishing for the body'.

As well as hosting private cooking classes, team building events and gut health workshops, I also offer inspirational talks on many health and wellbeing topics with cooking demonstrations for corporates and groups.

I look forward to meeting you soon. Email for more information. 

Creator, Instructor & Inspirational Speaker