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Gut Loving Healthy Chocolate Making

Class Date: To be announced soon, or why not book your own private online class for 5 or more people?

Healthy Chocolate, does such a thing exist?! Yes it does! I've created my own healthy chocolate that is dairy free, refined sugar free, gluten free plus guilt free! Raw cacao has so many health benefits including being good for your gut health, that I can't wait to share with you.


In this live online chocolate making class you will - 


* learn how to make pure dark salted chocolate from scratch


* receive a chocolate making start up kit in the post including chocolate mould and ingredients (all you have to do is add the natural sweetener of your choice, honey, maple syrup or agave syrup)


* receive a recipe card


* learn about the health benefits of pure chocolate


* find out where to buy the ingredients and what to look for


* learn how to add different flavours and combinations to your future chocolate making

* have fun making chocolates live with me, from the comfort of your own home

* receive zoom log in instructions

* know that these are all dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free, suitable for vegans

* plus you get to eat all the lovely chocolates you make!

Costs £35 per person

Gut Loving Delicious Dinner Cook-along

Class Date: coming soon

In this live online cooking class you will - 

* learn to make a beautiful, delicious and nutritious roasted butternut squash, crispy kale, pecan and quinoa salad and zingy dressing full of goodness

* receive ingredients list to buy in advance plus equipment list

* gain top tips and useful ideas


* learn about the health benefits of each ingredient 

* receive zoom log in instructions

* find out how to adapt and pimp flavours and combinations to add to your dish and make alternatives

* have fun making a delicious dinner live with me, from the comfort of your own home

* know that its are all gluten free and refined sugar free plus suitable for vegans for dairy free alternative

* receive a recipe card

* plus you get to eat all the lovely food you make, with enough left over for the next day and more!

Costs £25 per person


Spaces will be limited for each class, so to secure your space, enquire about dates, or book a private class, please email me louise@fftcookeryschool.co.uk

Why not book a private class with your friends or family for 5 or more people (all live from your own kitchens)

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