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GUT HEALTH - Nourish to Flourish

GUT HEALTH - Nourish to Flourish

Gut Health Nourish to Flourish Cookbook by Louise Jones

Over 85 gut loving, easy to make delicious recipes, along with top tips and ways to 'pimp my dish' so the whole family can enjoy the same meal.

Through flavoursome dishes both sweet and savoury, containing an abundance of goodness and ideas, I aim to empower, educate and inspire you to take the first steps to improving your gut microbes.

It encompasses everything I have learnt about gut health, all the nourishing foods that I love to make and share, with a big sprinkle of my passion and enthusiasm for helping you lead your healthiest, happiest life.

A beautiful collection of predominantly plant-based, easy to make, gut friendly, scrummy recipes to make at home without having to shop in 5 different shops for the ingredients. Easy to follow, the recipes have been created to use again and again, including weeknight meals, easy salads, delicious guilt free puddings and tasty treats.

The recipes are suitable for vegetarians, gluten free diets, dairy free and vegan options to each recipe and refined sugar free. Something for everyone! Mainly plant-based recipes with options to add fish, meat, cheese etc.


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